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General Questions

What are the Covid precautions, and will I be expected to wear a mask?

In order to comply with Gov. Brown's mask mandate and to keep myself and my clients safe, I will wear a mask at all times. You will be expected to wear an appropriate mask when laying supine (face-up). When face down, there will be a king size pillow case fastened to the face cradle, allowing you to breathe easily and providing a barrier.
I have an air filter in the room that will be going to clean the air, and I will open the skylight window for ventilation when possible. All surfaces will be sanitized between clients.

How much will I be expected to undress?

You can undress to your level of comfort for that session. If you decide to leave underwear on, I will only be able to do compression strokes in that area, so no flowing strokes.

I strongly recommend going without underwear for Ashiatsu treatment, as it allows for more comprehensive treatment. You will be appropriately draped at all times, with no exposure.

What is draping and how does it work?

Draping is the adjusting of the sheets to expose the body part we are working on. Draping always keeps your genitals, gluteal cleft, and breasts covered and securely out of the way of our working area.

What is the therapists foot and hand hygiene and sanitation routine prior to treatments?

My feet and hands are properly cared for, clipped and filed. My hands are washed with hot water and soap all the way up to (and including) my elbows, prior to every massage; my feet are washed and sanitized with an alcohol solution prior to Ashiatsu treatment. I will be using washable slippers that are sanitized between each client, to step into when getting off the table during a treatment.

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